The 5 premises of KUZU

We are specialists in the manufacture of parts by precision bar turning and we go beyond the typical bar turning part (parts of revolution) since we come to make parts in the field of the machining center (parts without axis of revolution, square, rectangular, triangular , eccentric, with inclined machining, etc.) and we machine parts within the most stringent dimensional and geometric tolerances.

Spirit and labor.

22 partners educated on the self management model to became responsables of their activity and involved with the results of the company.



- 14 single and double spindle lathes.
- Mobile and fix heads.
- Trade marks Okuma, Nakamura, Citizen, Star and Manhurin.

Raw materials.

Machining steel F125, steels ETG, stainless steels 303, 304 and 316, aluminium, brass, POM, plastics materials.

Materia prima
Materia prima


ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and our own relation style.



Situated in Beriain (Navarra).

Medio ambiente

Jesús María Vicuña, founded KUZU with various partners in 1995. His concern for health is behind the chosen name.

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