At Kuzu we work for all those sectors that may need parts machined by precision bar turning.

  • Car industry

    Some of our customers belong to the car industry (car manufacturers, bus manufacturers, motorbyke manufacturers, spare parts…). We manufacture differents parts like screws, nuts, special caps, bolts, axles, etc.

  • Machines

    We manufacture pistons for hydraulic pumps, special screws, nylon caps, etc.

  • Household

    We manufacture a high variety of bar turning parts like ball joints, fittings, forks, caps, etc.

  • Renewal

    We manufacture actuators, washers and elastic pins.

  • Raw materials

    Machining steel, stainless steel, plastic parts, aluminium, brass.

  • Types of parts

    Mobile head, Fixed head, Machining operations, Auxiliary operations.

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