Special parts machined by bar turningSpecial parts machined by bar turning

Apart from the tipical bar turning parts, KUZU has developped different systems to manufacture special parts under customer request. Our Technical Dept. works together with the customer to advise, suggest modifications to reduce costs, simplify the assembly and the design, look for more appropriated materials to ameliorate the finish and the respect of the environment, etc. Remarkable examples:

  • Diamond plate of sealing wheel made of aluminium plates of 0,8mm thickness with vacuum system for fastening and shaving extraction.
  • Tube cutting with arrow measurement and recuperation of rejected parts
  • Tube cutting with measurement and unit selection
  • Machining of very long rods (500 mm)
  • Folded rods like actionning levers

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Photo gallery of some parts machined by precision bar turning in Kuzu ( click on image to enlarge )

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