Some parts machined by bar turning

Some parts machined by bar turning Bar turning, décolletage, is the technical name of any precision machining job made from bars in lathes. Most of our machines are up-to-date lathes with the latest technology. We have CNC sliding head lathes that alow us to manufacture slim parts as long screws and shafts.

We manufacture by bar turning different kind of parts, always under customer designs, like shafts, connectors, special screws and nuts, bushes, bolts etc. in materials like mild steels, carbon steel, aluminium, bronze, plastics, titanium, etc.

Our customers are: automotive, truck, motorcycle, farm, light, fluid regulation, spatial structures, appliances, compressors, special machinery, industrial supplies, etc.

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Photo gallery of some parts machined by precision bar turning in Kuzu ( click on image to enlarge )

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