In Kuzu we do not work for a specific industrial sector, but for all those sectors that may need precision parts machined by bar turning in any of the material on which we can work: carbon steels free-cutting steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, bronze, titanium and plastic.

With any of these materials we produce customized pieces under your specifications and requirements for the sectors that we’ve outlined . And if the customer has a special need, we advise you to find the best solution for your needs, both in terms of the materials used and the treatments required the completion of the piece.

Bar turning for automotion industry

Piezas mecanizadas por decoletaje para el sector de automoción: fabricación de coches, motos, camiones y autobusesFor the automotive sector (manufacture of cars, buses , trucks , motorcycles …) we mechanize and deliver special screws and bolts, bushings , levers , shafts, etc. manufactured in half seiers.


Bar turning for machinery manufacturers

Algunas piezas mecanizadas por decoletaje para fabricacion de maquinaria diversaMachinery manufacturers often require very special pieces , and we manufacture for them some parts as hydraulic pump pistons , special screws , nylon bushings , etc. machined on CNC lathes.


Bar turning for Household Appliances

Decoletaje para fabricación de electrodomésticosA sector in which we also manufacture a wide range of special pieces is the manufacture of household appliances, whre we serve parts such as bolts , stainless steel shafts, brass fittings and inoxidales and other special parts.


Bar turning for lighting

Decoletaje para iluminaciónOne sector that is not alien to us is making designer lamps, which often requires very special parts that can only be made ​​by bar turning.


Bar turning for wind industry

Decoletaje de piezas para el sector eólicoThe wind industry has made ​​great progress in recent years , and in the manufacture of its products often requires very special pieces with high levels of accuracy and quality , for our experience in precision bar turning is highly regarded for some manufacturers.


And all with guaranteed quality, reliability and professionalism in the delivery, which are our main identity.